Closing the gender and energy gap: Interview with Magi Matinga

Magi Matinga, Technical Advisor at ENERGIA, explains how ENERGIA has contributed to the inclusion of a gender perspective in policies, projects and programs at national and international level by:

  1. Providing research evidence and sex-disaggregated data for use by policy- and decision makers on women’s and men’s energy needs and consumption patterns.
  2. Advocating for women’s recognition and participation at local, national and international levels and in all decision-making processes.
  3. Amplifying the voices of women and supporting women at international fora to advocate for more gender aware policies.


Ms. Matinga also calls for greater attention to clean cooking and indoor pollution, the consequences of which cause close to 4 million deaths every year, mostly among women and children. Lastly, she stresses that women are not victims, but active participants to and crucial change makers in the energy transition.