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Commissioned Research 2015

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Lessons learned from ENERGIA’s experiences with gender approaches

The ENERGIA network has for more than twenty years been building a substantial body of experience with approaches to gender mainstreaming in the energy sector. There is a need to document this in a systematic way that can be used to inform future work of ENERGIA, her network members and partners, and most importantly, other energy sector players. In order to do that, ENERGIA will commission research which aims to bring together lessons learned from gender approaches by ENERGIA and other organisations to increase ENERGIA’s effectiveness, enhance ENERGIA’s role in setting the stage for other organisations, and to inform policy development and practice on gender mainstreaming approaches. The Africa Renewable Energy Access Program1 (AFREA) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) may provide good examples to compare their activities and achievements with those of ENERGIA. This will present an opportunity to draw lessons from these organisations.

The commissioned research will focus on using evidence from ENERGIA’s experience with gender approaches to build insights for future implementation and to inform policy and practice according to the Theory of Change. The two main gender approaches that the research will focus on are: gender audits and gender mainstreaming of energy policies and projects. These approaches have been widely used by ENERGIA in different countries in Asia and Africa through different projects and programmes with ENERGIA’s networks in those countries.



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  • Dr. J. S. Clancy, University of Twente, lead researcher
  • Dr. N. Mohlakoana, University of Twente
  • Ms. Yacine Diagne Gueye, ENDA Tier Monde
  • Ms. Lydia Muchiri, Practical Action East Africa
  • Dr. Indira Shakya, Centre for Rural Technology

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