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  • What do we mean by gender and how does this relate to energy? What do we mean by gender perspective? Magi Matinga, Techincal Advisor at ENERGIA, guides us through these aspects, highlighting how women and men have different energy needs and how taking or not into account this diversity could influence their life, perpetuate gender […]

  • Advocacy is an approach aimed at changing aspects of the current situation by addressing people with influence on the situation. ENERGIA has always worked with partners to influence energy policy, practice, projects and programs to integrate gender approaches and build a more gender-sensitive and gender-responsive energy sector.  Sheila Oparaocha, ENERGIA’s International Coordinator and Program Manager, explains […]

  • by Sheila Oparaocha and Hans Olav Ibrekk. This article was originally published on Power for All.    With less than a decade left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have made significant progress toward SDG7 on affordable and clean energy for all. Globally, the population having access rose from 83 percent in […]