Kopernik develops impact tracker technology catalogue

A catalogue of affordable, simple tools to help you collect data, communicate with clients and measure impact

What if nonprofits and social enterprises had an affordable way to report real-time, large-scale data on their social impact?  

This question inspired Kopernik to create this catalogue.

The Impact Tracker Technology (ITT) catalogue features a compilation of low cost, information communications technology-based tools intended to help our peers in the development sector collect data, communicate with their clients and measure their impact.

The ITT catalogue makes it easy for organisations to better understand the range of affordable impact tracking technology options available, empowering them to choose the right tools to suit their needs. It also displays relevant research findings so that users can draw their own comparisons.

In order to keep up-to-date with the rapid developments of the Information and Communication Technologies for Development sector and to improve overall usability, this catalogue will undergo regular updates over time.

The catalogue is accompanied by a series of three webinars.