Application process Ashden Awards now open

The application process for the 2017 Ashden Awards is now open. Awardees will receive up to £20,000 in prize money, tailored support to help scale-up as well as access to new networks and investors. The Awards are looking for pioneering enterprises and programmes demonstrating achievement in 7 areas – details of which along with application process and eligibility criteria can be found here:

Special category: Clean Energy for Women and Girls

This year, for a third year in a row, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) is supporting the International Award category: Clean Energy for Women and Girls. In this category, Ashden is looking for enterprises or programmes that are providing sustainable energy to women and girls as beneficiaries (for example: clean cookstoves, electrification of health centres and clinics, vaccine refrigeration, solar street lighting, transport and general safety), and, ideally, creating employment and income-generating activities for women, or involving them in the supply chain. We are also interested in sustainable energy work benefiting refugees and internally displaced women and girls. Click for information for applicants.