Virtual Forum: Can the shift to a green energy future in Asia be just and equitable?

Date: September, 9 2021
Time: 10 AM ICT
Location: Virtual event.
Register: This event requires registration, please register here.


We are seeing that the climate crisis is on the rise around the world. Floods, droughts, wildfires, and typhoons are affecting more and more people and impacting the most vulnerable – those who have done the least to cause it. Without climate justice, there won’t be social justice.

To limit global warming in order to slow down climate change, a transition towards a low-carbon development model is needed – especially in Asia, where over half of the global emissions come from and is expected to rise even further.

But how can we shift to renewable energy and leave no one behind? What does a Just Transition look like for coal workers, communities, the transport sector, entrepreneurs, women, marginalized groups, and many others impacted by these changes?

Be a part of the conversation with leading experts from governments, businesses, think tanks, the labour movement, and national and international organizations on September 9 at 10am ICT at our virtual “Just Transition Forum in Asia“.

Please find the agenda here.