Fulfilling the climate finance potential for the poor

Current research and practices on how climate finance can serve the energy needs of the poor

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Achieving access to energy for all is essential in order to eliminate global poverty. This is reflected in Sustainable Development Goal 7 on pro- poor and renewable energy. In addition to this.the transition to renewable energy is crucial for mitigating climate change.

Fortunately. climate finance offers new opportunities for economic development and halting climate change through access to decentralized energy solutions. However.new research from Hivos and IIED shows only a tiny proportion of approved climate finance is going to

decentralized renewable energy solutions designed to improve poor people’s access to energy. A missed opportunity?

This session will present research findings.debate the role of climate finance in filling the gap for energy access.and suggest ways to reform and improve climate funding mechanisms.

Sarah Best Senior, Researcher. Shaping Sustainable Markets, IIED
Faith Wandera, Deputy Director of Renewabe Energy, Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
Jacob Waslander, Board member of the Green Climate Fund
Erneus Kaijage, Expert on Energy, Finance.Climate Change and Gender

Martijn Blom, Hivos Impact Investments and Co-founder Droomzaken Business Development

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For more information about this session, please contact Rita Poppe: rpoppe@hivos.org