International Day of Clean Energy

January 26 was declared International Day of Clean Energy by the United Nations, as a call to raise awareness and mobilize action for a just and inclusive transition to clean energy for the benefit of people and the planet. At ENERGIA, co-convening partner of the Gender and Energy Compact, we fully support this initiative and highlight the need to include women.

2030 is just around the corner and even though alot is being done to ensure sustainable and modern energy for all, there are still 760 million people without access to electricity and 2.3 billion people relying on polluting and harmful cooking energy sources.

Responsibly scaling clean and renewable energy is the only way forward. And the way to do this, is by tapping into a largely untapped resource, that is Women.

The energy sector is traditionally male dominated. By including women, the transition will not only be faster, it will be just, inclusive and equal. Including women’s voices and opinions will make decision and policy making more balanced.  On the work-floor women bring in extra hands and knowledge, and in the supply chain, women make excellent clean energy entrepreneurs in hard to reach areas and energy-poor communities.

There are however, still many barriers for women to enter the clean energy space. These can be overcome with mentorships, STEM education, and training to strengthen leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Furthermore, we need political will and commitment to include a gender perspective in policies, investment and to be accountable for the gender targets set.

At ENERGIA, International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, we implement programs to address all these challenges. Our commitment is underscored by co-convening the Multi-stakeholder Gender and Energy Compact, with our partners UNIDO, Sustainable Energy for All and the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition.

We applaud all the initiatives in the clean energy sector that are already intentional in addressing women’s aspirations and ambitions. On this first International Clean Energy Day, ENERGIA call on all stakeholders to take bold and concrete actions towards a gender just and inclusive energy transition. Thank you.