Last Mile Learning: Why Small Solutions are Making a Big Impact

While many in the energy sector are of the mindset that bigger is always better, Solar Sister knows from both experience and data that for people living in last mile communities, small clean energy solutions can have transformational impacts. Solar Sister’s approach focuses on “first light, last mile.” This means that we prioritize reaching customers who are underserved by the market and the current sector at large with solar solutions they can afford.

The majority of products sold by our network of entrepreneurs are portable solar lights that meet the most urgent energy needs of our consumer base. Data shows that these lights (like the d.light A1 or SunKing Pico) not only replace kerosene and battery-powered torches in households, but have transformative economic, educational, and health impacts on rural households. These lights, costing around 5-10 USD each, can also be bought on a cash basis, precluding the need for people to assume credit burden.

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