New “Faces of Energy” website provides first-ever interactive view on gender and socially inclusive sustainable energy efforts globally

Vienna, Austria: Sustainable Energy for All and ENERGIA have come together to launch an interactive website that maps the global landscape of diverse stakeholders working on gender and energy in all corners of the world.

The new Faces of Energy website, a project of the People-Centered Accelerator, provides a unique window to governments, businesses, nonprofit  organisations, investors, donors and other players engaging on gender equality, social inclusion and women’s empowerment at the nexus of sustainable energy and climate change.

Using a global map interface, it allows users to gain a better understanding of specific organizations that are engaging on these issues country by country and region by region. They can visualize where actions – such as energy poverty, clean energy transition, empowering women and mobilizing capital – are taking place, where there are gaps and opportunities for engagement, and common barriers in different countries and regions.

“This website provides a more complete picture of the growing efforts to help advance gender equality, women’s empowerment and social inclusion in sustainable energy,” said Rachel Kyte, Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General and CEO of Sustainable Energy for All. “Most importantly, it helps us see where there are gaps that are preventing enterprises from growing and having bigger impacts in accelerating energy access.”

“Each and every player in the field brings added value and expertise others can learn from, build upon and complement,” said Sheila Oparaocha, ENERGIA’s International Coordinator and Programme Manager. “This interactive website is a clear example of what we’re trying to do in the People-Centered Accelerator: convene parties and shape conditions for upscaling decentralised renewable and inclusive energy access. I full-heartedly hope that this tool will contribute to these goals.”

One core objective of the website is that it will be regularly updated with more initiatives and work so it can be used as a live resource for the sustainable energy sector, ensuring it remains a relevant and useful tool to help organizations committed to driving faster progress on Sustainable Development Goal 7.

The website was launched one week in advance of the Sustainable Energy for All Forum on May 2-3 in Lisbon, Portugal, that is focused on addressing the theme of ‘Leaving no One Behind.”

A new report related to the website, “Levers of Change: How Global Trends Impact Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Access to Sustainable Energy,” will also be released during the first day of the Forum.

The report, produced by ENERGIA and SEforALL, is another part of the People-Centered Accelerator, a voluntary partnership of more than 45 groups who are committed to provide gender responsive and social inclusive solutions in the sustainable energy sector.

Visit the Faces of Energy website here and follow the conversation online using #SDG7AllEqual.