NOW OPEN! West Africa: Off-grid Energy Challenge


sv-wordcloudThe Competition

Technological innovations for providing energy to off-grid communities have started to change the energy access landscape across the world, especially in West Africa. Access to affordable new forms of energy opens doors to a whole range of new social enterprises, where the business delivers a positive social impact for the end user.

This competition seeks to find and support early stage off-grid energy entrepreneurs who are running businesses that generate or can be powered by off-grid energy.

Examples of possible areas to consider include (but are not limited to):

  • Businesses that generate and supply energy to off-grid communities
  • Low-energy appliances, capable of running with little or no electricity
  • Mobile-phone-based businesses
  • Innovative methods of food processing or storage, enabled by off-grid energy
  • Education and healthcare businesses made possible by off-grid energy


This competition seeks to find and support early stage off-grid energy entrepreneurs. Bridges for Enterprise seeks to “bridge the gap,” helping entrepreneurs with an existing product or service get to the stage where they are ready for investment.

Businesses must have at least an existing prototype and business model to enter.

Winners will receive free business,legal and financial services and the chance to pitch for up to
$5000 prize capital.


NB: Provided that applicants submitting proposals in those languages are proficient enough in spoken English to benefit from the training, which will be entirely in English.

Why should you apply?

Winning teams will be accepted into the Bridges for Enterprise program.

Winners will benefit from:

  • Training – learn business skills by working with top business consultants from the world’s
    top companies and universities
  • Prize Capital – submit your investment proposition for the chance to win $5000 prize
  • Funding – direction towards additional funding sources and advice on how to access capital
  • Legal Advice – receive free legal advice and learn how to navigate the compliance issues
    that come with running a business