Energy 4 Impact

Women’s Economic Empowerment programme
Energy 4 Impact’s project ‘Energy opportunities for women in Senegal’ strengthens economic opportunities for women, through sale of energy products and services and through productive uses of energy linked to crop processing. Potential women entrepreneurs are selected through a rigorous process, and supported with business and technical skills through training and tailored ongoing mentoring at their place of business. Areas that are covered are strategic planning, investments, operations and logistics, financial planning and analysis, marketing and sales and project development. The programme facilitates access to capital by linking with local financial institutions, supporting their lending to the MSEs by a partial risk guarantee fund and training.

Country: Senegal     Targets: 250 entrepreneurs, 400,000 consumers     Technologies: Solar lighting, productive use of electricity, improved cookstoves

Read more: Energy 4 Impact WE-Project sheet, Energy 4 Impact WE-Context and Project Summary


Gender and Energy Advocacy programme
Energy 4 Impact and SEM Fund work also together int he Gender and Energy Advocacy programme, advocating for the integration of clear gender objectives and actions within the SE4All National Action Plan and investment prospectus and to raise awareness around issues related to women’s economic empowerment and energy access.  Targets for advocacy interventions include national policy makers and SE4All focal points; community practitioners, project implementers and academics; international and regional energy sector decision makers; women group associations and NGOs.

Read more: Energy 4 Impact Advocacy-Project Sheet, Energy 4 Impact Advocacy-Context and Project Summary


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