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Women’s Economic Empowerment programme
In Practical Action’s ‘Women in Energy Enterprises in Kenya’ project, women entrepreneurs in three value chains—improved cookstoves, solar products and biomass briquettes—are strengthened through two innovative and women-friendly distributions models:
• Retailer Network of suppliers of energy products who establishes business links with women entrepreneurs running retail outlets in rural trading centres or villages.
• Brand Activators or Marketers, who are women based in rural areas specializing in marketing energy products to groups and individuals within their respective areas of operation.
The challenges to growth that the women entrepreneurs face are addressed through tailor made support on quality assurance, market development and expanding and strengthening entrepreneurial associations for business owners.
Practical Action also raises awareness of the different energy technologies available to meet lighting and cooking needs.

Country: Kenya     Targets:  730 entrepreneurs, 364,200  consumers     Technologies: Solar lighting, briquettes, improved cookstoves

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Gender and Energy Advocacy programme

Energy access in Kenya is still very low with significant gender inequalities. The country is committed to improving access to energy, energy efficiency as well as development and use of renewable energy, and preparing the Agenda of Action and Investment Prospectus to identify energy priority projects that will help to achieve the SE4All targets. The advocacy project will lobby and advocate for the adoption of women empowerment approaches in delivering new targets for universal modern energy access at County and National and international levels.

Read more: Practical Action Advocacy-Project Sheet, Practical Action Advocacy-Context and Project Summary


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