Assessment Report: Gender Mainstreaming in Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAS) in Kenya

This report is an assessment of the extent to which the institutionalization of gender mainstreaming has been achieved. It also identifies the successes, challenges, and opportunities for further intervention. The report is divided into seven sections: Section 1 describes the background, context and objectives of the audit. Section 2 describes the methodology, including the inception meeting, literature review; Key Informant Interviews (Annex 1); Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and data analysis. Section 3 presents the findings on agency and government support for GMS in the SAGAs; integration of gender perspectives in policies, strategies, budgets, programs, and service delivery for all the SAGAs, and implementation of work plans developed with the support of PA. Section 4 summarizes the best practices identified within the SAGAs and lessons learned. Section 5 presents the gaps and organizational ownership on gender responsiveness. Section 6 contains the perceived role of MoEP and the Energy Sector Gender Committee (ESGC) in GMS and Section 7 presents the conclusions and recommendations.