Beyond Connections: Energy Access Redefined

Access to energy is a key enabler of socioeconomic development. Energy is needed for multifarious applications across households, productive uses, and community infrastructure. “Universal access to modern energy by 2030” has been proposed as one of the three key pillars of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) program, an initiative co-chaired by the United Nations (UN) Secretary General and the World Bank President. Achieving this goal would require a wide range of interventions by various agencies. Tracking progress toward this goal, therefore, would require an approach that captures the contribution of all of these efforts, as well as encompass quantity and quality aspects of improvements.

SE4All’s Global Tracking Framework (GTF) 2013 report introduced multi-tier frameworks for measuring energy access. It identified tasks for improved measurement of energy access over the medium term, including further development of the multi-tier frameworks. This report is a culmination of the multiagency effort on developing multi-tier frameworks to fulfill the mandate suggested by the GTF 2013 report.