Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook

The Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook provides six days of business skills, empowerment, and leadership training curricula and tools that can be implemented to better support the women sales agents and entrepreneurs with whom you work. Thoughtful planning and preparation by organizers is required in order to successfully implement this training. Trainers and implementing organizations should complete a Human-Centered Design (HCD) Plan (Part 1 of this Handbook), which will help you prepare a successful, customized training using the materials.
The Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook is designed to support an organization and its trainers in empowering women micro-entrepreneurs, small enterprise owners, and sales agents who work throughout the value chain in the household energy sector. While the Handbook has been developed by the Alliance and is designed to empower women to scale adoption of clean cooking solutions globally, it has applicability throughout the household energy sector.v