Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Toolbox – Promotion for Renewable Energy Technologies

The concept of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) is the new for the AEPC/NRREP and related stakeholders working for it. Unless the professional working in renewable energy sector has clear understanding on GESI, the target set by the program would not be materialised. The professional working at community level, district to center level must have conceptual clarity on GESI mainstreaming at all stages of project cycle. Therefore the "GESI Tool Box" is prepared as handbook and guiding principles in Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies for all the professional/organisations working in the renewable energy and other development sectors.

This toolbox contains of conceptual clarity on GESI mainstreaming process, list of applicable tools in program/project cycle and detail techniques in tools application. This toolbox will be valuable resource for the professionals/ staff/ advocates/ promoters working in the development programme. It is believed that the application of this toolbox will be creative instrument in ensuring social inclusion and gender equality to bring social transformation for social just.