Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey 2020

The 2020 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey shares key insights on the perceived demand for, and impact of, off-grid appropriate appliances using data collected from 133 industry, policy, and development stakeholders. The survey results reflect the dynamic needs of off-grid consumers and aim to characterize the positive socioeconomic impact of a range of household appliances, productive use equipment, and healthcare technologies.

The 2020 survey was designed and administered by Efficiency for Access in partnership with Sustainable Energy for All. Building upon the previous three iterations of the survey (2014, 2016, and 2018) the 2020 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey aims to equip stakeholders with the insights they need to accurately assess the market’s needs and shift their activities accordingly. This series, the only repeating survey of its kind, provides a unique perspective of how impact and demand perceptions have changed over the past six years. The results serve as a complement to consumer feedback, which is critical to increasing the uptake and effectiveness of appliances.