Review of Interventions to Reduce the Exposure of Women and Young Children to Indoor Air Pollution in Developing Countries

The aim of this paper is to facilitate discussion about potential interventions for reducing human exposure to indoor air pollution in low-income countries (LIC) within a conceptual framework that may be applied to a wide variety of interventions. This main goal may be divided into the following sub goals:

  • To establish a conceptual framework for categorizing and assessing potential interventions, and establish criteria for
    evaluation (covered in sections 2 and 3)
  • To review and compile experience to date through published literature, reports, and experience obtained via networks and
    contacts (sections 3, 4 and Appendices A through C)
  • To identify technical and programmatic factors which can guide good practice (section 5), and
  • To identify priorities for research, development and dissemination for the next 3-5 years which can maximize progress
    towards implementation (section 4, 5, and 6)