The Gender Face of Energy – Trainers Guide Module 1&2

Training manual to increase understanding of gender aspects of energy use and planning.

This manual is designed to support training of development planners and project managers to increase their capacity to bring gender aspects of energy into the planning cycle. The manual is designed primarily for:
– energy planners and project managers whose background is in technology but who recognise the need to address gender issues in their work and want to know how to do this
– general development planners, and particularly gender specialists, who recognise that energy may be a basic component of development, but who are not sure how to integrate this with other aspects of their work.

The manuals has 4 primary units, coving topics including:
unit 1.1: what is gender and what are gender roles?
unit 1.2: why is gender important in energy planning and how can energy help women?
unit 1.3: mainstreaming versus the "women-only" approach
unit 1.4: relating energy to gender goals
references and supporting materials.

The manual does not use standard gender analysis tools, such as the Harvard Matrix, because these, according to the authors, have not been very useful in the context of energy. Instead, a set of tools has been specially developed to help the planner work through gender aspects of energy problems in a systematic manner.