Register now for the next AGENT Energy Webinar: The gender and energy nexus in urban settings

This webinar will be held on 31 May, 2018.

While there is much research and action focusing on the gender-energy nexus in rural settings, there is often very little discourse on addressing gender-related energy challenges specific to urban settings, such as the gender-differentiated access to services, connections and transportation.

The webinar will be moderated by Ana Rojas, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Global Gender Office (IUCN GGO), and will include presentations from the following speakers:

  • Mariëlle Feenstra, University of Twente. Presentation: Challenges and opportunities in access to energy in urban settings. This presentation will introduce the challenges and opportunities in access to energy in urban settings and include a reflection on how energy poverty affects women in developed and developing countries.
  • David Mann, USAID. Identifying gender trends when formalizing electricity access in Kingston, Jamaica. This presentation will include the gender perspectives the USAID Majestic Gardens project, which provides formal energy access to urban households in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Claire Baker, LivelyHoods. Presentation: Building a women-powered sales network of clean energy products to serve markets in Nairobi urban slums. This presentation will explain the “hub-and-spoke” distribution model and highlight the results of LivelyHoods established door-to-door distribution network of youth and women from slum communities that brings clean energy products to improve the health and quality of life in these communities.
  • Nthabi Mohlakoana, University of Twente. Presentation: Productive energy uses and women’s entrepreneurship in the informal food sector. This presentation will present the findings of recent research on the influence of energy use and the gender dynamics that surround women and men owned food enterprises in the informal sector of three African countries.

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