Sarmila Tamang Lama receives the “Certificate of Honor” at the Sixth International Women Entrepreneur Trade Fair 2022

On occasion of “Sixth International Women Entrepreneur Trade Fair 2022” organized by the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal (FWEAN) Ms. Sarmila Tamang Lama has been honored for “being a source of inspiration for all women entrepreneurs by contributing to the economic growth of Nepal through the exemplary work done in the field of entrepreneurship and the handicraft sector”.

Before being awarded at the Sixth International Women Entrepreneur Trade Fair 2022, Sarmila Tamang Lama, an entrepreneur from Nepal, was struggling with scaling up her business, owning her own house and having access to financial products. Due to socio-economic issues and gender norms that hold women back and do not allow them to express their full potential, she was unable to thrive in the market. It was difficult to apply for a small loan, and this caused a ripple effect that did not allow her to purchase machinery, automate her work, and have a regular income. In addition, she did not have the experience and knowledge to register her business.

When she had the opportunity to participate in the basic training on bamboo handicraft organized by FWEAN, she could not pass it up. With the support of the projects led by ADB and ENERGIA, Sarmila was able to participate in a seven-day training, where she learnt how to improve the quality of her products. The training courses she attended also provided her with skills on technical, managerial, and leadership aspects, including how to identify market opportunities, access financing, and increase production efficiency. Her motivation, skills and ambitions have helped her to improve her business using electric devices, get a loan and diversify her business, which now includes an agri-farm. As a role model in her community, she trained other women on bamboo crafting and opened a new shop at Nakhipot.

During the 6th International Women’s Trade Expo 2022, Sarmila received the “Certificate of Honor” from the Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba for her contribution to the handicraft sector. This is a further recognition of her hard work and the quality of her products. Through her activities, Sarmila not only promotes Nepali products, but she also inspires other women entrepreneurs to explore opportunities, empower themselves, and overcome barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their potential.