Self-paced e-Course | Applying a Gender Lens to Clean Cooking: The Hidden Side of Energy Access 2.0

As a joint learning product developed by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) in close collaboration with Gender Global Practice, this e-course, The Hidden Side of Energy Access 2.0: Applying a Gender Lens to Clean Cooking, aims to deepen key learnings from the introductory course and to highlight gender, a core aspect of the clean cooking sector, in a more focused way.

Addressing the gender dimensions in cooking is challenging, as women’s role in cooking is linked to deeply entrenched social norms. In many countries across developing regions, women carry the primary responsibility for household cooking duties, including food preparation, fuel collection, and post-meal cleanup. This means that women are disproportionately affected by direct and indirect health impacts such as heightened exposure to household air pollution (HAP), risks of injuries, as well as physical and sexual violence during fuel collection trips. Moreover, cooking with biomass on inefficient stoves also contributes to women’s time poverty.

This e-course focused on the gender dimension of clean cooking is an opportunity for participants to understand the linkages between gender and clean cooking. Throughout the course, participants will be engaged in various interactive exercises, readings, and quizzes to understand and apply key concepts.