Solidarity Fund supports female entrepreneurs during the corona crisis

Together with our partners, we have helped nearly 5,000 women energy entrepreneurs across Africa and Asia over the past five years. Through their sustainable energy businesses, these women work to create a better future for their families and their communities. But the corona pandemic has put all of that at risk. They are women who make a difference. And they need your support! Will you help?


More than half of the world’s population is made up of women. Yet, there is enormous social and economic inequality between women and men. This affects access to energy and energy services. Globally, 789 million people lack access to energy and 2.8 billion people still rely on polluting cooking fuels that damage personal health and the environment. Due to economic, social and cultural inequalities, women bear the brunt of energy poverty. Meanwhile, they also have a key role to play in upscaling energy access in remote areas. That is why we support women energy entrepreneurs to lead the way towards greater equality.

We give passionate women in Africa and Asia the opportunity to start their own business and develop themselves as leaders. These women sell clean, efficient energy products such as solar lamps and clean cookstoves. Or, they use renewable energy in their businesses, such as a solar pump or a solar fridge, to increase production and improve the services they offer in their communities. With their sustainable companies, they contribute to a cleaner world. They are at the forefront of the fight against energy poverty, inequality and climate change!

Corona crisis also affects these entrepreneurs

The corona crisis is hitting these women hard. In some cases, turnover has decreased by 85 percent. No turnover means no income. And there is often no support from their governments. That’s why we set up a Solidarity Fund, to help them get through this difficult time and to adapt their businesses, so that not all they have built goes to waste.

A small amount makes a big difference

Through the Solidarity Fund, we will support female entrepreneurs who already had healthy businesses before the coronavirus outbreak. They will receive a contribution based on their average monthly turnover, enabling them to pay salaries and replenish supplies. Or, they can pay off a loan, so that they avoid going further into debt.

Contributions range from a few tens to a few hundred euros. While these may seem a relatively small amounts, they make a world of difference for the entrepreneurs. In addition, we help them adapt their businesses to the new circumstances. For example, through the purchase of a smartphone, so they can easily keep in touch with customers and suppliers.

Get involved and support these female entrepreneurs!

These pioneering women are indispensable in the fight against inequality, energy poverty and climate change. We cannot let their hard work go to waste. The more money we raise for the Solidarity Fund, the more women we can help.

Will you help?

These women are indispensable to the fight against gender inequality and climate change. They deserve to be helped now. With a donation of 50 euros you already help a woman get through the month. Can they count on your support?

Within our Women’s Economic Empowerment program we’ve helped nearly 5,000 female entrepreneurs. We do this together with our partners:  CRT-Nepal, Energy 4 Impact, Practical Action and Solar Sister.