A Light, a Pig, and a Dream

A Solar Business, a Woman’s Enterprise

Alice is a Solar Sister Entrepreneur from Uganda. So far, with the profits from her solar business, she has bought a pig for her farm. Her next investment will be a goat, and then she plans to buy a cow at the end of 4 months.

Each one of our Solar Sister Entrepreneurs has a different goal, a different dream. Some use the profits from their businesses to invest in their children’s education, some in their farms, some in expanding their solar businesses. But that’s the beauty of supporting women’s enterprise: the economic opportunity of a solar business means that women like Alice are empowered to dream and invest in their own futures. And we will be here to provide the training and support they need to achieve those goals.

Read Alice’s full story here and learn more about the impact of climate on women’s work here. In Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria, women often provide a majority of unpaid labor, from raising children to running farms to gathering fuel. Solar Sister believes in creating economic opportunity for these women, so they can turn their work into an investment. 

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