COVID-19 second wave: Sanu Maya fighting for her business to survive this phase

With the announcement of the second lockdown in April, Sanu Maya prepared herself and her business for this second wave. She stored the necessary grocery supplies for the shop and started to resume the activities and services needed over the first lockdown when she was providing grocery, milk supplies and chickens. Along with these, she also provided mill services. 

“Now, I have a small machine and I will start to provide full service once it works. In the meantime, my husband and I have decided to offer the home delivery service again, so our shop cannot be open the whole day. It is hard, but this is how we managed to survive the first wave,” explains Sanu.

She also has chickens ready to be sold and other 5000 chicks in her farm. “I am hopeful that everything will go fine. But I am worried. What if I could not sell at a good price?”. Sanu Maya has taken NPR 4.5 million subsidy loan (approx. USD 38,000) for her business. She has been paying approx. USD 750 per month. So far, she has been paying it regularly on time but the uncertainty of this period does not make her feel confident.

My business survived the first wave of COVID-19 and I hope we will make it again


This story has been developed by our partner CRT-Nepal as part of our Women’s Economic Empowerment Program.