Training Opportunity: Advanced Training Course (RES4Africa Foundation)

Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa Foundation (RES4Africa Foundation), in partnership with Enel Foundation and with the European Investment Bank, announces its second webinar programme dedicated to capacity building and training.

Applications are open for the selection of 250 candidates to join an advanced training course specifically aiming at fostering local ownership to enhance project sustainability, building renewables job markets and developing local skills to enhance the development of local RE markets in Africa.

The series of 14 webinar lessons aim at providing participants with a set of technical, economic and regulatory core competences and advanced tools to assess and deploy the most appropriate solutions in different African energy contexts for an efficient and effective integration of renewables in emerging electricity markets, whilst nurturing an international network of experts. The training session is addressed primarily to high-achieving individuals able to shape and deploy the future of energy systems in the African Region. The best-performing participants, within the best student of the 2020 edition, will have the opportunity to take part in the physical session of ATC in 2022.

Details about the program and the application are available here

Applications are to be submitted by November 7.