Webinar – Achieving Inclusive Energy Access at Scale: A discussion of Practical Action’s Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2018


Time: Tuesday, January 29 2019, 12:00 CET / 16:30 IST / 6:00 EST
Registration: To register for this webinar please go to this link.

SEforALL is pleased to host People-Centered Accelerator partner Practical Action for a briefing on the research and findings from the latest Poor People’s Energy Outlook (PPEO) 2018 report, Achieving inclusive energy access at scale.

PPEO 2018 asks key questions of how we can move ‘further faster’ while still ensuring we leave no one behind. The report does this through a data-rich analysis of national scale programmes, while giving voice to the perspectives of key stakeholders and communities on the ground.

The Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2018 explores how energy access can be accelerated to achieve both the scale required to meet our global goals, and the inclusivity required to leave no one behind. Building on PPEO 2016 (bottom-up energy access planning) and PPEO 2017 (financing for energy access), the report considers geographically-diverse programmes from across the clean cooking, decentralised electricity and grid-extension sectors to consider what we can learn from previous approaches and how these two objectives (scale and inclusivity) can be pursued in parallel, to help us deliver on our global goals.

The PPEO 2018 report demonstrates that, in order to address challenges of scale and inclusion in tandem, energy access stakeholders must work together to:

  • Deliver a mix of programmes integrating grid, off-grid and clean cooking.
  • Tackle key aspects of inclusion head-on from the very beginning of programme planning and design, through to delivery and evaluation.
  • Aim for scale by applying a balanced approach that works holistically across supply, demand, policy and finance; while also recognising who is left behind.

This webinar will provide you with an excellent understanding of the PPEO 2018 research and what it will take to achieve meaningful energy access at scale while also leaving no one behind, in different contexts. It will also be an opportunity to hear other energy access stakeholders’ commentary on how the report contributes to the vibrant, ongoing dialogue around SDG7 delivery – and how it can be used by such stakeholders to inform their own policy and programmatic work moving forwards.

Building on Practical Action’s decades of experience working with communities around the world, the PPEO series (2010-present) highlights the energy access perspectives, needs and priorities of energy-poor people. The reports have been influential in helping to shape a global narrative that is increasingly challenging the energy sector’s traditional focus on energy resources, supply and large scale infrastructure projects – emphasising instead that it is energy services that matter most to people. Find out more about previous editions of the PPEO here.

A recording will be made available after the webinar.


  • Introduction and welcome remarks from SEforALL
  • Key PPEO 2018 findings and messages (Lucy Stevens, Senior Energy Access Advisor, Practical Action)
  • Commentary from: Inyenyeri and EnDev
  • Question and answer session


Visit Practical Action website to read and download the full report: Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2018.