Workshop: Energy transition through the lens of gender equality

Date: April, 27 2021
Time: 9:15 – 12:30 CEST
Location: Virtual event.
Register: Register to attend here. (CLOSED) – The slides are now available here.


The event aims to bring together decision-makers, energy professionals and academics to discuss three main aspects of gender equality in the energy transition:

1. Gender mainstreaming in the energy sector: to identify the different impacts that the use of energy has on men and women, but also to bridge existing gaps to contribute to more gender equality, broadening perceptions and workplace practices. Allowing women to participate in established energy programs is not enough; objectives should be defined together from the very beginning to reflect priorities and needs of both genders;

2. Tackling barriers and challenges for women in the green energy sector: unless addressed systematically, inequalities can persist in green energy systems. Beyond entry barriers, also linked with prevailing views of women’s abilities in STEM, women experience the lack of a supportive, flexible working environment and mentoring, which hinders their ability to grow professionally by not balancing work and family;

3. Applying a gender lens to energy poverty: it is important to apply a gender perspective to energy poverty since women and men experience energy poverty in different ways. Energy poverty takes a significant toll on women that are often heads of households as caregivers or living alone at a pensionable age. However, general definitions enshrined in law such as ‘vulnerable customers’ do not take full account of people’s lives and gendered indicators.


The conference is organised by Energy Community. For more information about the event, visit the Energy Community website.