Women, children, and health take center stage in SE4All Status Report tracking progress in Asia and the Pacific.

Asia and the Pacific economies are on track in meeting the goal of sustainable energy for all (SE4All), but whether the pace is sufficient to reach the SE4All targets by 2030 remains to be seen.

This first attempt of the SE4All Asia-Pacific Regional Hub to monitor the performance of Asia and the Pacific revealed progress in achieving the objectives of universal energy access and improved energy efficiency. While renewable energy adoption appears to be lackluster, there has been a recent exponential increase in the contribution of solar and wind energy to electricity generation. This is a welcome development that inspires optimism about the performance of the region in the coming years. Moreover, countries from the region have shown significant progress in the last 5 years in putting in place policy measures and programs to increase energy access, energy efficiency, and renewable energy use.

Recognizing the linkages between energy and the health and well-being of women and children, this report noted good practices in the region from which stakeholders can learn. Case studies showed how modern energy can transform women and children’s lives, and contribute to overall development.

About SE4All

With targets to increase energy use, expand energy efficiency, and ensure energy access for all, the SE4All priorities are tied closely to the challenges of developing Asia and the Pacific, which is confronting issues of energy sustainability, security, and widespread energy poverty. In the interest of combining efforts and resources to meet the challenge, ADB, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific have partnered to act as the leading organizations for the SE4All Regional Hub for Asia and the Pacific. Together, they are supporting actions among developing countries in the region that will put them on track to transform their energy sectors, in line with SE4All.

About this report

This report summarizes the initial activities of the Regional Hub, and contextualizes the challenges in Asia and the Pacific with the global efforts to reach the 2030 targets.

The report be downloaded here.

Source: Asian Development Bank