Solar Sister is excited to share the story of light, hope, and opportunity in Tanzania. Women + Energy: WESHINE is a campaign to raise awareness  and support for energy access and economic opportunity for women. Solar Sister released the first two video portraits of women entrepreneurs who are bringing clean energy to their communities… and the unexpected ways light transforms lives. And there’s a place where you’ll find all the tools you need to be a champion for women’s empowerment and energy access: www.solarsister.org/weshine

Join Solar Sister in showing the world what women + energy can do! 

This project was supported by ENERGIA International Network on Gender + Energy as part of Solar Sister’s “Women + Energy: WE Shine” campaign. Films by Show the Good.

Light | Hope | Opportunity

3fac4515-15b4-4c86-8dc4-ff139e3cc54eHadija is a farmer, and a community teacher. Esupati is a nurse. Both are Solar Sister entrepreneurs. These two video portraits bring the power of light, hope, and opportunity to life. We know, as a Solar Sister supporter, that you have a passion for clean energy technology, innovation, sisterhood…
With these videos, you can show the world why clean, affordable energy changes lives.

d15c31d6-4605-47e0-9718-4fb7cf601ed2As we move forward in making our world more sustainable, we need to make sure that innovative, affordable clean-energy technology reaches those who need it most — women, children, and communities living off the grid. This is your chance to get involved. Read this introductory blogpost on the #WESHINE campaign, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming stories, blogposts, and videos to share.

cd0e0484-499e-4f64-9961-743d749f8fabVideos that inspire, infographics that explain, images that tell a story. Solar Sister has put these all in one place for you so you can be a part of the women-led, clean energy revolution. Use the tools at www.solarsister.org/weshine, and the hashtags #iamsolarsister #weshine to follow the campaign.

Images to share – More at www.solarsister.org/weshine