Working Together for Good

“We buy books, pay school fees, get uniforms. That is our work. The requirements for children, [we see] the light is one of the requirements.”

In Gulu, Uganda, there is a group of women working together to bring light, hope, and opportunity to their families and communities.

Each week, the village savings and loans group meets and every member puts in their contribution. Some of those savings go into the year-end fund, to be opened after Christmas to help families pay for the new school year. The other part of the money goes to a different member each week, who then has the influx of cash to buy items that are an investment in the future: books for their children, materials for their gardens of farms…or a solar light.

As each woman shares her story, it is clear that they are united by a single goal: to give their children and families every opportunity they can.

Solar Sister is proud to partner with groups like the Gulu savings and loan group, and many like it, to provide access to solar lights, phone chargers, and clean cookstoves. Over time, these solar lights will save their family’s money, allow them to work in cleaner, healthier environments, and help their children study.

We are grateful for our whole network of supporters who, like the Gulu savings and loans group, are investing in women and the future. Together, we will bring light, hope, and opportunity to everyone, everywhere!


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