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Women’s Economic Empowerment

  • Energy and Gender in Asia: A regional review

    The ongoing global energy transition towards a low carbon and sustainable future has the potential to bring far-reaching and systematic changes to our societies. This transition offers several opportunities for greater social justice and gender equality and is likely to create pathways to improve women’s quality of life. While making inroads into entrenched social structures, […]

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  • Women’s work is never done: Lifting the gendered burden of firewood collection and household energy use in Kenya

    In rural Kenya, firewood is used for cooking and heating by 9 out of every 10 households due to its affordability, availability and convenience. This study was carried out using social and natural science methods to understand women’s energy burdens and the reasons for the persistent use of firewood. Firewood remains the main source of […]

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  • A growth path model: An entrepreneurship growth pathway for women in last-mile communities

    This report aims to create a theoretical framework to identify key stages in last-mile women entrepreneurs to formulate a growth path to develop latent subsistence entrepreneurs into transformative ones. It is organized into 7 sections. Section 1 contains an introduction into the project, the rationale, and the scope and limitations of the project. Section 2 describes […]

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  • Supporting last-mile women energy entrepreneurs: What works and what does not

    ENERGIA has been working on the intersection of energy access and women’s economic empowerment through its Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) programme. This document presents ENERGIA’s four-year journey to create and upscale women-centric energy enterprises that sell safe, reliable and affordable energy solutions to low-income consumers in underserved areas. It is a self-reflection, undertaken collectively by the WEE programme coordinator, the partner organizations and the ENERGIA International Secretariat.

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  • Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship: A Guiding Framework and Systematic Literature Review

    To investigate the existing evidence and to identify gaps in understandings around gender and entrepreneurship in the energy sector, we undertook a systematic literature review (SLR) of policy papers, grey literature and academic peer-reviewed papers. With the resulting sample of publications and reports, we examined the quality of evidence clarifying how women’s energy entrepreneurship may […]

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