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Gender mainstreaming

  • Towards Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Energy Utilities: Approaches, Methods, and Results from Nepal

    The project Strengthening the Capacity of the Energy Sector to Deliver Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Results was implemented from January 2019 until December 2021. The project’s ultimate goal was to mainstream gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in the program and project cycles of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The NEA is responsible for […]

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  • Energy Access and Gender in Ghana: Policy Brief

    In the wider West African region, Ghana is often seen as an energy success story with over 80% of the population having access to grid electricity. Yet, 50% of rural areas live without this access while ‘dumsor’ (load shedding) poses an ongoing challenge for those connected. In terms of gender equity, national energy policy recognises […]

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  • Energy Access and Gender in India: Policy Brief

    The connection between equity in energy access and developmental aspects like poverty reduction, health and wellbeing is today well understood. Responding to this, energy access policies and programmes in India have tried to address gender equity within energy access, but much of this effort has failed to create a transformational impact. Until 2018, 680 million […]

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  • Energy Access and Gender in Nigeria: Policy Brief

    Understanding the gender dimensions of energy access is essential. Women play important roles in energy system development and their empowerment is crucial in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Indeed, many household tasks (e.g., cooking, water collection, and other domestic chores) are mostly performed by women. Equitable access to energy can reduce the burden […]

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  • Lecture: Gender equality and the energy sector

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  • Female microenterprise creation, gender and welfare impacts, and business models for low-cost off-grid renewable energy: Multiple randomised experiments

    Globally, 1.3 billion are without modern power, and grid expansion is not expected to keep pace with population growth. The viability of most enterprises for renewable lighting has been severely limited by pricing of products and financing mechanisms available. Behavioural aspects such as inconvenience associated with use represent further barriers to uptake and use of […]

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  • Mainstreaming gender in energy sector practice and policy lessons from the ENERGIA International Network

    The commissioned research focused on using evidence from ENERGIA’s experience with gender approaches to build insights for future implementation and to inform policy and practice according to the Theory of Change as presented by UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). These approaches have been widely used by ENERGIA through a range of projects and programmes […]

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  • Gender mainstreaming in rural electrification projects in Uganda: Initial scoping mission

    The Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, is guided by a number of key Ugandan development policy objectives as well as energy policy including a mandate to mainstream gender, with the long-term objective of eliminating gender inequalities. REA has recognized gender concerns in some of its activities, and is seeking to […]

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  • Mainstreaming Gender in Energy

    This presentation starts out by explaining why gender is so important in the context of energy. It then continues to ask what a meaningful participation of women in energy initiatives means and what the constraints are in achieving this meaningful participation. It concludes by exploring the possible roles for ENERGIA to play in this field […]

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